If you want to have a great time with your family and children or learn about the history of Warmia and Mazury, you must visit our Mazurolandia – Park of Fun and History. This unique, regional tourist attraction has been attracting crowds of visitors for over 10 years.

We are located in Parcz, 6 km from Kętrzyn (northeast Poland), right next to the „Wolf’s Lair” – the first zone of Adolf Hitler’s main headquarters, from where the leader of the Third Reich directed the actions of his army for 3 years during World War II. It was this neighborhood that decided that we combined the entertaining nature of the Park with the presentation of the region’s history, which we show in four specially prepared zones.

Our Park is a place for young and old, where everyone will find something for themselves. We are visited by foreign guests, families with children, grandparents with grandchildren, individual tourists looking for knowledge and curiosities about Warmia and Mazury, as well as groups from kindergartens, schools and adult trips.

It is safe to say that Mazurolandia has firmly established itself on the tourist map of the Warmia and Mazury region, contributing to the popularization of knowledge about this interesting, naturally rich and mysterious part of Poland.


Four specially prepared historical zones show the region of Warmia and Mazury from the Middle Ages (knightly) to the turbulent period of World War II:

Historical Zone I: Adolf Hitler’s Vegetable Garden

Original ruins from World War II, uncovered in 2019. On the territory of Mazurolandia during World War II, part of the IV Zone of the Wolf’s Lair was located, which has not been studied and described so far. We have just started to tell our guests about it. When Hitler already knew that he would not quickly conquer the Soviet Union and would live in the Wolf’s Lair for some time, in addition to doubling the size of the headquarters, he also built a „Vegetable Garden” for him, where fresh vegetables were grown, as the leader of the Third Reich was a vegetarian – he did not eat meat. „Warzywnik” was located 400 m in a straight line from Hitler’s bunker and from the testimonies of witnesses it follows that the leader of national socialism often looked into it on walks with his dog Blondi. A specially prepared exhibition with exhibits excavated in the Garden, a path along the ruins and models: the Garden and the entire Wolf’s Lair (250 ha) reveal hitherto undiscovered curiosities of those times.

Historical Zone II: Miniature Park of Warmia and Mazury

This was the fourth, in order of establishment, Miniature Park in Poland, which was created in 2009. Currently, you can see over 30 miniatures of monuments in the region: churches, Marian sanctuaries, palaces, castles: Teutonic and bishops of Warmia, a unique miniature village, the capital of the Teutonic Order Malbork (100m2), a model of the Wolf’s Lair, the Boyen Fortress from Giżycko and many interesting public buildings – locks, towers, bridges, etc.

Historical Zone III: Knight’s Castle – Exhibition about the Teutons and the Middle Ages

Our wooden castle presents exhibits from the Middle Ages, made by renowned craftsmen recreating the atmosphere of that era. You will see weapons, armor elements, helmets and other treasures.
Specially made torture devices: pillory, stake for witches and heretics, whipping post, scaffold, even more, suggestively transport our guests back in time. At our exhibition about the Teutons, you can touch replicas of exhibits.

Historical Zone IV – Military Museum

Here is the largest collection of German exhibits from World War II in north-eastern Poland. Our artifacts are selected in such a way as to show what objects the inhabitants of the Wolf’s Lair and other wartime headquarters could use. You will see everyday objects, weapons, equipment, medicines, individual parts of uniforms, motorcycles, a wreck of an Opel from 1939, Soviet guns with which the Red Army entered East Prussia in January 1945.
A particularly noteworthy is the precise miniature/model of the Wolf’s Lair, which shows how the „bird’s eye view” of the headquarters of the leader of the Third Reich looked like.


There are three indoor play areas with almost 600 square meters of covered space, protected from the sun and allowing for play in the rain.
There are many toys, pools, a monkey gym, giant chess, trampolines, plastic slides, a magic wall with games, houses, a princess castle, and many other attractions for children.

In addition to the play area, there is an electric safari train, Eurobungee, inflatable slides, a wooden playground, swings, and a stork’s nest.
The park also has animals, including rabbits and American Appaloosa ponies.

The shooting ranges, including the knight’s range and the military range, are only open to organized groups.

If you are looking for a fun and educational day out for your family, then Mazurolandia is the perfect place for you.

We look forward to your visit!